Empowering Youth

to be extraordinary

Universal Orlando® aligns with today’s youth in ways that will impact tomorrow‘s leaders. Through innovative programs and awesome partners, Universal strives to engage and empower youth to soar to their potential.

Art of Tomorrow

As an entertainment company known worldwide for movies, television and music, we strive to make arts and cultural experiences accessible for students by supporting local organizations. We support education in the arts fields and in partner school programs. At Universal we recognize lives are enhanced by discovering the arts and encourage positive self-expression. We applaud the creative spirit and talent of our youth.


The youth today are faced with various challenges that may inhibit their ability to learn and grow. Universal builds partnerships with great organizations that help bring ‘tweens and teens to their full potential and teach respect and equality, while embracing diversity. These life lessons are meant to inspire and bring positive influences through strenghtening character traits. We strive to bring out the Hero from within!

Exceptional Education Experiences

Collaborating with teachers, administrators, organizations, and volunteers has always been a priority for Universal by serving as a Partner in Education. Universal Orlando continues to "bring it" to schools in areas where it’s needed the most by providing resources and exciting opportunities that only Universal can deliver. We believe that education is an epic adventure and it’s a thrill for us to be part of the journey!